An Attorney Born And Raised In St. Louis

Prior to opening Barron Elder Law, P.C., I have an extensive and diverse history within the St. Louis community. I am a native of St. Louis and a graduate of St. Louis University High School and St. Louis University. After going to the University of Michigan for my law degree, I spent much of my career working with government price controls for companies in the propane industry.

In the 1990s, I received my master’s degree in taxation from Washington University here in St. Louis and joined a law firm in our region that focused on estate and long-term care planning. Now with my own firm, I apply my experience, my knowledge of estate planning, Medicaid, VA pensions and Social Security to help fellow Missouri families plan for the final years of their lives.

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I Understand What You’re Going Through

Many people wait until crisis hits to begin planning their estate. Sometimes, it takes the unexpected death or disability of a friend to convince a person that it’s time to plan. As someone who has planned his own estate and is at the time of his life where long-term care planning is important, I understand the thoughts and concerns going through your mind.

My advice is not just based on my education, but my own personal experience. You need an attorney you can confide in and trust to help you make some of life’s most important decisions. I’m here to help.

Why Estate Planning Matters To Me

The triggering event that opened my eyes to the importance of estate planning was the death of my father in an automobile accident in 1970. He was 54, in good health and had no plan for my mother after his death. And although he was running the family business, he had no ownership interest in the company. My grandmother owned 100 percent of the company’s stock.

Literally, all my mother owned were the clothes in her closet. Fortunately, my grandmother was persuaded to deed my mother her home and there was a modest settlement with insurance company of the trucker who hit my father.

But that isn’t the end of the story. My grandmother went to pieces after my father’s death. He was her only child and she spent the next 17 years in a nursing home using up all the proceeds from the sale of the family business.

Over the years, I have blamed myself for not talking to my parents and grandmother about planning. My family’s experience persuaded me that first I should get my own house in order and do everything I can to motivate and educate clients about planning for their families and the possibility of long-term care.

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