Planning For Your Family’s Peace Of Mind

At Barron Elder Law, P.C., I have helped Missouri families find peace of mind in a time of crisis. We employ a variety of tools to ensure that your family and your assets are secure after you pass, including:

  • Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney
  • Wills and trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Medicaid planning
  • Veterans pension benefits
  • Social Security benefits

Estate planning is more than just a trust or a will. You need to consider your family’s needs, their health, strengths and weaknesses to create an estate plan that meets your goals.

I Understand Your Needs And Concerns

I personally experienced the crisis created by a father who did not plan. I am here to offer my competence and candid counsel to address any of your estate planning questions and help you build an estate plan that best suits your needs.

Protecting Your Hard-Earned Assets

With my help you can plan for you or your spouse needing long-term care while protecting assets to pass onto the rest of the family. I will help you explore the options available to you to secure Medicaid or other government benefits and work with any insurance companies or financial advisers to find solutions that are compatible with other aspects of your life.

Keeping Probate Simple For Your Family

We all want our children to continue to care and love one another after our deaths. You must recognize that you and your spouse are the glue that holds your family together. If you plan wisely, you can facilitate a smooth transfer of your assets that your children will accept, keeping any hard feelings or grudges to a minimum. This, in turn, should give you just a little more peace of mind.

Get started building your estate plan today by calling 314-282-7815 or reaching out online.