Your Health And Care Are My Priority

A lawyer who prepares only an estate plan and ignores the health of the client is not serving that client well. Barron Elder Law, P.C., is a full-service elder law firm that takes a holistic look at your family and end-of-life needs. In addition to comprehensive estate planning, I help Missouri families with the various aspects of planning for Medicaid benefits, including:

Unique Solutions For Every Family

As you are exploring options on how to allocate your funds and protect your assets, an experienced attorney helps you take into account the needs of those closest to you. If you have a disabled spouse or special needs child, you should consider placing assets aside for his or her care in case you become incapacitated. If you or your spouse is a veteran, you should consider going through the process of securing benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

I can help you evaluate your needs and suggest ways to ensure that everyone in your family is protected under your long-term care plan.

Helping You Make Smart Financial Decisions

When you have limited funds to work with, it can seem impossible to pay for the care you and your spouse need while still leaving money for the rest of your family. My firm can help walk you through the process of securing Medicaid benefits to pay for your care. If your spouse or parent needs to move into a care facility, Medicaid planning is vital to helping you afford the care they need.

I also work closely with financial advisers, planners and insurance companies in the St. Louis area to help you coordinate your financial planning across the board. Elder care and estate planning should be consistent with any other long-term financial goals you have in place.

Don’t Wait Until Crisis Hits — Call Today

Far too many people wait until there is a crisis to settle their estate and long-term care affairs. These matters should really be handled proactively. Take the worry off your family’s shoulders and ensure that you are cared for adequately. Call 314-282-7815 or reach out online to schedule an initial consultation to go over your options.